Southeast Cádiz Province & the Costa de la Luz attractions

Top Choice Beach in Tarifa

Punta Paloma

One of Andalucía's most fabulous beaches, Punta Paloma, 10km northwest of Tarifa, is famous for its huge blond sand dune. At its far western end, you can lather yourself up in a natural mud bath.
Top Choice Beach in Tarifa

Playa de Valdevaqueros

Sprawling between 7km and 10km northwest of Tarifa, to the great white dune at Punta Paloma, Valdevaqueros is one of Tarifa's most popular kitesurfing beaches, blessed with dusty alabaster-hued sand and aqua waters.
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Bolonia

Baelo Claudia

The ruined town of Baelo Claudia is one of Andalucía's most important Roman archaeological sites. These majestic beachside ruins – with fine views across to Morocco – include the substantial remains of a theatre, a …
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Los Caños de Meca

Parque Natural de la Breña y Marismas del Barbate

This 50-sq-km coastal park protects important marshes, cliffs and pine forest from Costa del Sol–type development. Its main entry point is a 7.2km (two-hour) walking trail, the Sendero del Acantilado, between Los Ca…
Castle in Tarifa

Castillo de Guzmán

Though built in 960 on the orders of Cordoban caliph Abd ar-Rahman III, this restored fortress is named after Reconquista hero Guzmán El Bueno. In 1294, when threatened with the death of his captured son unless he s…
Castle in Jimena de la Frontera

Castillo de Jimena

Jimena's romantically ruined 13th-century Nasrid castle, built on Roman ruins, once formed part of a defence line stretching from Olvera down through Setenil de las Bodegas, Zahara de la Sierra, Castellar de la Fron…
Walls in Vejer de la Frontera


Enclosing the 40,000-sq-metre old town, Vejer’s imposing 15th-century walls are particularly visible between the Arco de la Puerta Cerrada (of 11th- or 12th-century origin) and the 15th-century Arco de la Segur, two…
Statue in Vejer de la Frontera

Estatua de la Cobijada

Just below the castle is a lookout point guarded by this statue of a woman sporting Vejer's cloak-like, all-black traditional dress, the cobijada, which covers the entire body except the right eye. Despite its simil…
Lighthouse in Los Caños de Meca

Cabo de Trafalgar

At the western end of Los Caños de Meca, a side road (often half-covered in sand) leads out to an 1860 lighthouse on a low spit of land. This is the famous Cabo de Trafalgar, off which Spanish naval power was swiftl…
Church in Medina Sidonia

Iglesia Mayor

With its Renaissance door giving way to a hushed Gothic-Mudéjar cloister, this 16th-century Gothic-Renaissance beauty stands on the place of an old mosque. The interior shines for its 22-image, plateresque main alta…