Top things to do in South Castilla-La Mancha

Top Choice Castle in South Castilla-La Mancha

Castillo de Calatrava la Nueva

This magnificent castle-monastery looms high in the sky some 6km south of the town of Calzada de Calatrava and 30km south of Almagro, from where it once controlled the path into the Sierra Morena and Andalucía. A st…
Historic Building in Almagro

Corral de Comedias

Opening onto the plaza is the oldest theatre in Spain. The 17th-century Corral de Comedias is an evocative tribute to the golden age of Spanish theatre, with rows of wooden balconies facing the original stage, compl…
Castle in Consuegra

Castillo de Consuegra

This is the place for the novice windmill spotter, where you can get that classic shot of up to a dozen molinos de vientos (windmills) flanking Consuegra’s 12th-century castle, an atmospheric perch that remains unde…
Museum in Almagro

Museo Nacional de Teatro

Thespian or not, you could spend hours in Almagro’s illustrious museum just sifting through the highlights. Theatrical musings include a hand-painted set of playing cards from 1729 found in the nearby Corral de Come…
Windmill in Campo de Criptana

Windmill Ticket Office

Poyatos, one of the 10 windmills on the northern edge of town, acts as a ticket office for visits to three other mills. Guided tours are also available.
Waterfall in Sierra de Alcaraz

Nacimiento del Río Mundo

Take a photo of yourself standing in front of the Nacimiento del Río Mundo, send it to the folks back home and they will think that you have sidestepped to Niagara Falls for the day. To get to these amazing waterfal…
Spanish in Consuegra

El Alfar

Concentrating on exquisitely prepared La Mancha specialities, Consuegra’s most ambitious restaurant is also something of a museum, inhabiting an old ceramics workshop that was built over the ruins of the town’s anci…
Castle in Belmonte

Castillo de Belmonte

This is how castles should look, with turrets, largely intact walls and a commanding position over the plains of La Mancha from the ramparts. Visitors are well catered for with an elevator between the ground and 1st…
Museum in El Toboso

Museo Cervantino

This museum of over 300 books all with the same title (you’ve guessed it – Don Quijote) is more interesting than it sounds. Included among its well laid-out exhibits are copies of the Cervantes classic in braille an…
Spanish in El Toboso

Mesón La Noria de Dulcinea

Looking like the kind of inn Don Quijote might have frequented can't be a bad thing in El Toboso. There are no surprises in the cooking at Noria, which is 100% Manchegan. Expect excellent renditions of migas (breadc…