Top things to do in Sos del Rey Católico

Historic Building in Sos del Rey Católico

Casa Palacio de Sada

Fernando II of Aragón was born in this building in 1452. It's an impressive mansion – more so now than in Fernando's time, following a major expansion around 1600 and restoration in the 20th century. The rooms conta…
Aragonese in Sos del Rey Católico

La Cocina del Principal

Generally hailed as the best food in town, this place wins plaudits for its roast ternasco (suckling lamb), barbecued beef tenderloin and pigs' trotters. It's set down steps that seem to be leading to a basement cel…
Spanish in Sos del Rey Católico

Landa Terraza

Straightforward food at very good prices, served with good humour, packs in the punters to this smallish bar and its bright open-air terrace. You could go for a ración or media ración of eggs and ham, or longaniza s…
Church in Sos del Rey Católico

Iglesia de San Esteban

This Romanesque-Gothic church, with a weathered Romanesque portal, has a deliciously gloomy crypt decorated with medieval frescos.
Food in Sos del Rey Católico

Morrico Fino

One of several tiny shops selling regional food products (pâté, jams, sausage) and wines found hidden in Sos' lanes.
Spanish in Sos del Rey Católico


Contemporary-styled Vinacua offers a choice between a hearty three-course daily menú and a big selection of what amounts to the Spanish equivalent of fast food – salads, bocadillos, burgers, platos combinados, racio…
Castle in Sos del Rey Católico

Castillo de la Peña Feliciano

The 12th-century keep and some of the walls are all that still stand of the castle that once guarded the frontier between the two Christian kingdoms of Aragón and Navarra. Climb up for views over the village roofs a…
Notable Building in Sos del Rey Católico


Lording it over Sos's little central plaza, the Renaissance-era town hall is one of the village's grandest public buildings. Duck inside to admire the fine pillared, wood-ceilinged patio.