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Top Choice Fortress in Seville


If heaven really does exist, then let's hope it looks a little bit like the inside of Seville's Alcázar. Built primarily in the 1300s during the so-called 'dark ages' in Europe, the fortress' intricate architecture …
Top Choice Gallery in Seville

Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes

Inside this 17th-century baroque mansion once used as a hospice for ageing priests, you’ll find one of Seville’s greatest and most admirable art collections. The on-site Centro Velázquez was founded in 2007 by the l…
Top Choice Fusion in Seville

Bar-Restaurante Eslava

A legend in its own dinnertime, Eslava shirks the traditional tilework and bullfighting posters of tapas-bar lore and delivers where it matters: fine food backed up with equally fine service.
Top Choice Theatre in Seville

Sevilla de Ópera

Seville has served as the fictional setting for countless operas, so it made sense when in 2012 a group of opera singers and enthusiasts decided to initiate the Sevilla de Ópera club. The setting in the Arenal marke…
Top Choice Tapas in Seville

La Brunilda

Seville's crown as Andalucía's tapas capital is regularly attacked by well-armed rivals from the provinces, meaning it constantly has to reinvent itself and offer up fresh competition. Enter La Brunilda, a newish fo…
Top Choice Flamenco in Seville

Casa de la Memoria

Neither a tablao (choreographed flamenco show) nor a private peña (club, usually of flamenco aficionados), this cultural centre offers what are, without doubt, the most intimate and authentic nightly flamenco shows …
Top Choice International in Seville

Redhouse Art & Food

It's hard to classify Redhouse. With its mismatched chairs and abstract wall art, it's flirting with hipster territory, yet inside you'll find families, seniors, college geeks and the obviously not-so-hip enjoying a…
Top Choice Teahouse in Seville

Baños Árabes Tetería

Seville's no Granada when it comes to exotically infused teahouses, but exceptions should be made for this cushioned comfort zone encased in the pin-dropping tranquility of the Baňos Árabes in Santa Cruz. With no on…
Cathedral in Seville

Catedral & Giralda

Seville’s immense cathedral, one of the largest Christian churches in the world, is awe-inspiring in its scale and sheer majesty. It stands on the site of the great 12th-century Almohad mosque, with the mosque’s min…
Park in Seville

Parque de María Luisa

The lungs of central Seville are the dreamy Parque de María Luisa, which is a delightful place to escape from the noise of the city, with duck ponds, snoozing sevillanos and paths snaking under the trees.