Top Choice Fusion in Seville

Bar-Restaurante Eslava

A legend in its own dinnertime, Eslava shirks the traditional tilework and bullfighting posters of tapas-bar lore and delivers where it matters: fine food backed up with equally fine service.
Top Choice Tapas in Seville

La Brunilda

Seville's crown as Andalucía's tapas capital is regularly attacked by well-armed rivals from the provinces, meaning it constantly has to reinvent itself and offer up fresh competition. Enter La Brunilda, a newish fo…
Top Choice International in Seville

Redhouse Art & Food

It's hard to classify Redhouse. With its mismatched chairs and abstract wall art, it's flirting with hipster territory, yet inside you'll find families, seniors, college geeks and the obviously not-so-hip enjoying a…
Andalucian in Seville

Los Coloniales

The quiet ones are always the best. It might not look like much from the outside, but Los Coloniales is something very special. The quality plates line up like models on a catwalk: chorizo a la Asturiana, a divine s…
Basque in Seville

Egaña Santo Restaurante

The former stomping ground of Michelin-starred Basque chef Martin Berasategui has changed hands and is now ruled over by another Basque, Josemari Egaña, a man with a long history on the Seville culinary scene. It's …
Cafe in Seville

Confitería La Campana

A bakery and cafe with the words 'institution' written all over it, La Campana has been heaving with sugar addicts since 1885. Workers and the elite alike storm Seville’s most popular bakery for a yema (soft, crumbl…
Tapas in Seville

El Rinconcillo

Some say the Rinconcillo is resting on its laurels. Maybe so; but, with more than 345 years of history, there are a lot to rest on. Seville’s oldest bar first opened in 1670, when the Inquisition was raging and tapa…
Tapas in Seville

Mesón Serranito

Vegetarians steer clear: this place is dangerously close to the bullring and has tasty bull’s tail on the menu to go with the less tasty bulls’ heads hanging on the wall – next to pictures of the final few seconds o…
Italian in Seville

L'Oca Giuliva

For a night off tapas, keep the Med in sight and head over – metaphorically – to Italy. L'Oca is arguably Seville's finest purveyor of the cuisine of 'La Dolce Vita' representing all Italian regions with Puglian ore…
Cafe in Seville

Horno de San Buenaventura

There are actually two of these gilded pastry/coffee/snack bars in Seville, one here on Avenida de la Constitución opposite the cathedral and the other (inferior one) at the Plaza de la Alfalfa. All kinds of fare ar…