Top Choice Fusion in Seville

Bar-Restaurante Eslava

A legend in its own dinnertime, Eslava shirks the traditional tilework and bullfighting posters of tapas-bar lore and delivers where it matters: fine food backed up with equally fine service.
Top Choice Tapas in Seville

La Brunilda

Seville's crown as Andalucía's tapas capital is regularly attacked by well-armed rivals from the provinces, meaning it constantly has to reinvent itself and offer up fresh competition. Enter La Brunilda, a newish fo…
Top Choice International in Seville

Redhouse Art & Food

It's hard to classify Redhouse. With its mismatched chairs and abstract wall art, it's flirting with hipster territory, yet inside you'll find families, seniors, college geeks and the obviously not-so-hip enjoying a…
Top Choice Tapas in Seville

La Pepona

One of the best newcomer restaurants of 2014, La Pepona gets all the basics right, from the bread (doorstop-sized rustic slices), to the service (fast but discreet), to the decor (clean Ikea lines and lots of wood).…
Tapas in Seville

Bar Alfalfa

It’s amazing how many people, hams, wine bottles and knick-knacks you can stuff into such a small space. No matter, order through the window when the going gets crowded. You won’t forget the tomato-tinged magnificen…
Tapas in Seville

Bodega Santa Cruz

This forever crowded bodega is where eating tapas becomes a physical contact sport. Watch out for flying elbows and admire those dexterous waiters who bob and weave like prizefighters amid the chaos. The fiercely tr…
Contemporary Spanish in Seville

Casa Cuesta

Massive glass windows look out onto a crowded plaza, mirrors artfully reflect framed bullfighting posters and flamenco iconography, and gleaming gold beer pumps furnish a wooden bar shielding bottles that look older…
Andalucian in Seville

Enrique Becerra

Squeeze in with the locals at lunchtime and enjoy some hearty Andalucian dishes. The lamb drenched in honey sauce and stuffed with spinach and pine nuts (€22) is just one of many delectable offerings, but be warned …
Cafe in Seville

Horno de San Buenaventura

There are actually two of these gilded pastry/coffee/snack bars in Seville, one here on Avenida de la Constitución opposite the cathedral and the other (inferior one) at the Plaza de la Alfalfa. All kinds of fare ar…
Contemporary Andalucian in Seville

Los Coloniales

The quiet ones are always the best. It might not look like much from the outside, but Los Coloniales is something very special. The quality plates line up like models on a catwalk: chorizo a la Asturiana, a divine s…