Top Choice Theatre in Seville

Sevilla de Ópera

Seville has served as the fictional setting for countless operas, so it made sense when in 2012 a group of opera singers and enthusiasts decided to initiate the Sevilla de Ópera club. The setting in the Arenal marke…
Top Choice Flamenco in Seville

Casa de la Memoria

Neither a tablao (choreographed flamenco show) nor a private peña (club, usually of flamenco aficionados), this cultural centre offers what are, without doubt, the most intimate and authentic nightly flamenco shows …
Flamenco in Seville

Casa Anselma

True, the music is often more folkloric than flamenco, but Casa Anselma is the antithesis of a touristy flamenco tablao, with cheek-to-jowl crowds, zero amplification and spontaneous outbreaks of dexterous dancing. …
Flamenco in Seville

Tablao El Arenal

Of all the places in Seville that offer flamenco 'dinner shows', this is one of the best. With a seating capacity of 100 in an old-school tavern, it lacks the grit and – invariably – duende (flamenco spirit) of the …
Flamenco in Seville

El Palacio Andaluz

The purists will, no doubt, tell you that these highly choreographed performances in a 400-seat theatre are for tourists, but go along anyway and decide for yourself. You may be surprised. The Palacio's performers a…
Flamenco in Seville

Casa de la Guitarra

Tiny newish flamenco-only venue in Santa Cruz (no food or drinks served) where a miscued step from the performing dancers would land them in the front row of the audience. Glass display cases filled with guitars of …
Live Music in Seville

Fun Club

Positively ancient by live music club standards, the emblematic Fun Club has been entertaining the nocturnal Alameda de Hércules crowd since the late 1980s. Its speciality is live bands. This is ground zero for Sevi…
Flamenco in Seville

La Casa del Flamenco

This beautiful patio in an old Sephardic Jewish mansion in Santa Cruz is home to the La Casa del Flamenco and the performances on a stage hemmed in by seating on three sides are mesmerising.
Jazz in Seville

Naima Café Jazz

Very mellow bar with live jazz most nights, Naima is so small you'll probably find yourself squeezed in next to the drummer with a hi-hat crashing inches from your nose.
Theatre in Seville

Teatro Duque La Imperdible

This epicentre of experimental arts stages lots of contemporary dance, theatre and flamenco, usually around 9pm. The bar here also hosts varied music events from around 11pm Thursday to Saturday.