Top Choice Gallery in Seville

Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes

Inside this 17th-century baroque mansion once used as a hospice for ageing priests, you’ll find one of Seville’s greatest and most admirable art collections. The on-site Centro Velázquez was founded in 2007 by the l…
Top Choice Castle in Seville


If heaven really does exist, then let's hope it looks a little bit like the inside of Seville's Alcázar. Built primarily in the 1300s during the so-called 'dark ages' in Europe, the castle's intricate architecture i…
Church in Seville

Capilla de San José

Located between Calle Sierpes and the parallel Calle Tetuán/Velázquez is the 18th-century Capilla de San José, with breathtakingly intense baroque ornamentation.
Museum in Seville

Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares

Opposite the Museo Arqueológico is the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares, with a spotlight on the ceramic tiles produced in a factory founded by Englishman Carlos Pickman in the former Monastery of Cartuja in 18…
Bullring in Seville

Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza

In the world of bullfighting Seville’s bullring is the Old Trafford and Camp Nou. In other words, if you’re selected to fight here then you’ve made it. In addition to being regarded as a building of almost religious…
Museum in Seville

Museo Antiquarium

Roman ruins discovered during the Metropol Parasol's conception have been cleverly incorporated into the foundations at the Museo Antiquarium.
Museum in Seville

El Pabellon de la Navegación

This boxy modern pavilion on the banks of the Río Guadalquivir opened in 2012 and revived a previous navigation museum that lasted from the 1992 Expo until 1999. Its permanent collection is split into four parts – n…
Museum in Seville

Museo Arqueológico

The Museo Arqueológico, at the southern end of Parque de María Luisa, is an unexpected depository of Roman sculptures, mosaics and statues – much of it gathered from Itálica. There is also a room of gold jewellery f…
Tower in Seville

Torre Schindler

Originally built as an observation tower for the 1992 Expo, the Torre Schindler was incorporated into El Pabellon de la Navegación (navigation museum) in 2012.
Architecture in Seville

Parroquia del Divino Salvador

A big baroque church in Plaza Salvador built between 1674 and 1712 on the site of Muslim Ishbiliya's main mosque. The facade is actually Mannerist (a more imaginative extension of the Renaissance influenced by Miche…