Top Choice Castle in Seville


If heaven really does exist, then let's hope it looks a little bit like the inside of Seville's Alcázar. Built primarily in the 1300s during the so-called 'dark ages' in Europe, the castle's intricate architecture i…
Top Choice Gallery in Seville

Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes

Inside this 17th-century baroque mansion once used as a hospice for ageing priests, you’ll find one of Seville’s greatest and most admirable art collections. The on-site Centro Velázquez was founded in 2007 by the l…
University in Seville

Antigua Fábrica de Tabacos

Seville’s massive former tobacco factory – workplace of Bizet’s passionate fictional heroine, Carmen – was built in the 18th century and has the second-largest building footprint in Spain after El Escorial. It’s now…
Museum in Seville

Archivo de Indias

Housed in the former Casa de la Contratación (Contracting House) on the western side of Plaza del Triunfo, the Archivo de Indias has, since 1785, been the main archive of Spain's American empire, with 80 million pag…
Church in Seville

Basílica de La Macarena

This basilica is the home of Seville’s most revered Virgin and will give you a whiff of the fervour inspired by Semana Santa. The Virgen de la Esperanza Macarena (Macarena Virgin of Hope), a magnificent statue adorn…
Church in Seville

Capilla de San José

Located between Calle Sierpes and the parallel Calle Tetuán/Velázquez is the 18th-century Capilla de San José, with breathtakingly intense baroque ornamentation.
Palace in Seville

Casa de Pilatos

The haunting Casa de Pilatos, which is still occupied by the ducal Medinaceli family, is one of the city’s most glorious mansions. It’s a mixture of Mudéjar, Gothic and Renaissance styles, with some beautiful tilewo…
Monastery in Seville

Conjunto Monumental de la Cartuja

This historic but offbeat art gallery was once a monastery, then a ceramics factory, but today is home to the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo.Founded in 1399, the Conjunto Monumental de la Cartuja became the fa…
Gallery in Seville

Hospital de la Caridad

The Hospital de la Caridad, a large sturdy building one block east of the river, was once a hospice for the elderly. It was founded by Miguel de Mañara, by legend a notorious libertine who changed his ways after see…
Amusement Park in Seville

Isla Mágica

This Disney-goes-Spanish-colonial amusement park provides a great, if expensive, day out for kids and all lovers of white-knuckle rides. Hours vary by season – see the website. Buses C1 and C2 run to Isla Mágica.