Senda del Oso attractions

Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Senda del Oso

Cercado Osero

About 5.5km south of Tuñón (or a 1.1km walk south from the Área Recreativa Buyera, where cars can park), the Senda del Oso cycling and hiking path reaches the Cercado Osero, a 40,000-sq-metre hillside compound that'…
Museum in Senda del Oso

Parque de la Prehistoria

Four kilometres south of Entrago, this park-museum is well worth a visit for its excellent introduction to Spanish and European cave art. It includes replicas of Asturias’ World Heritage–listed Tito Bustillo and Can…
Museum in Senda del Oso

Casa del Oso

Proaza’s Casa del Oso is the headquarters of the Fundación Oso de Asturias, which runs the Paca-Tola bear conservation project, and has exhibits on Spanish brown bears. It also doubles up as the tourist office, offe…