Food & Drinks in Segovia

Diablo Cojuelo

Segovia has loads of places around town selling Spanish and Segovian gourmet food products, and this is one of the best of them. They also have a cafe serving light meals.
Accessories in Segovia

Montón de Trigo Montón de Paja

With handcrafted handbags, jewellery, block-prints of Segovia and a host of other artsy, locally made items, this shop is ideal for creative gifts.
Arts & Crafts in Segovia

Artesanía La Gárgola

Check out these unusual, high-quality handmade crafts and souvenirs in ceramic, wood and textile.
Food & Drinks in Segovia

Museo Gastronómico

This culinary museum has a small but carefully chosen selection of local cheeses, wines and other gourmet goodies from Segovia and its hinterland.