Top Choice Aqueduct in Segovia


Segovia's most recognisable symbol is El Acueducto (Roman Aqueduct), an 894m-long engineering wonder that looks like an enormous comb plunged into Segovia. First raised here by the Romans in the 1st century AD, the …
Top Choice Castle in Segovia


Rapunzel towers, turrets topped with slate witches' hats and a deep moat at its base make the Alcázar a prototype fairy-tale castle – so much so that its design inspired Walt Disney's vision of Sleeping Beauty's cas…
Top Choice Cathedral in Segovia


Started in 1525 on the site of a former chapel, Segovia's cathedral is a powerful expression of Gothic architecture that took almost 200 years to complete. The austere three-nave interior is anchored by an imposing …
Notable Building in Segovia

Casa de los Picos

A grand Renaissance mansion with a diamond-patterned facade that's home to a school of applied arts and also hosts free contemporary art exhibitions (although it's not always open to visitors).
Museum in Segovia

Casa-Museo de Antonio Machado

This museum commemorates Antonio Machado, a segoviano and one of Spain's pre-eminent 20th-century poets, who lived here from 1919 to 1932. His former home contains his furnishings and personal effects.
Convent in Segovia

Convento de los Carmelitas Descalzos

This is where San Juan de la Cruz is buried. The convent is still occupied by an order of nuns known as the Barefoot Carmelites. The area immediately south of the convent affords fine views up to the Alcázar.
Convent in Segovia

Convento de San Antonio El Real

About 1.3km southeast of the aqueduct, this was once the summer residence of Enrique IV. The Gothic-Mudéjar church has a splendid ceiling. It's still a working monastery and inhabited by an order of Franciscan nuns.
Church in Segovia

Iglesia de Vera Cruz

This 12-sided church is one of the best preserved of its kind in Europe. Built in the early 13th century by the Knights Templar and based on Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre, it once housed a piece of the Ve…
Church in Segovia

Iglesia de San Clemente

A late-Romanesque church, the Iglesia de San Clemente is close to the Plaza del Acueducto.
Church in Segovia

Iglesia de San Esteban

Not far down the hill northwest of the Plaza Mayor, this beautiful church has a lovely, six-level sandstone tower and a baroque interior.