Top Choice Contemporary Galician in Santiago de Compostela

O Curro da Parra

With a neat little stone-walled dining room upstairs and a narrow tapas and wine bar below, always-busy Curro da Parra serves a broad range of tasty, thoughtfully created, market-fresh fare. You might go for crunchy…
Top Choice Market in Santiago de Compostela

Mercado de Abastos

Santiago's food market is a fascinating, always lively scene, very clean, and with masses of fresh produce from the seas and countryside attractively displayed at 300-odd stalls. Stock up on tetilla cheese, cured me…
Top Choice Contemporary Galician in Santiago de Compostela

Abastos 2.0

This highly original and incredibly popular marketside eatery offers new dishes concocted daily from the market's offerings. Go for small individual items, or plates to share, or a six-item menú that adds up to a me…
Top Choice Cafe in Santiago de Compostela

Café Hotel Costa Vella

The garden cafe of Hotel Costa Vella is the most delightful spot for breakfast (or a drink later in the day), with its fountain, a scattering of statuary, and beautiful flowering and fruit trees. And if the weather …
Tapas in Santiago de Compostela

A Taberna do Bispo

Tempting tapas are arrayed along the bar's length, Basque-style, and you can order all sorts of goodies, like scallops with prawns and peanut sauce, or montaditos (small open sandwiches) of solomillo (pork tenderloi…
Spanish in Santiago de Compostela

La Bodeguilla de San Roque

A busy two-storey restaurant-cum-wine-bar just northeast of the Old Town, the Bodeguilla serves an eclectic range of excellent dishes ranging from salads to casseroles of shrimp, mushroom and seaweed, Galician beef …
Galician in Santiago de Compostela

Restaurante Ó Dezaseis

This cellar eatery just outside the Old Town has an invitingly rustic air and it's a hearty rather than gourmet experience – but extremely popular with visitors and locals of all types, tucking into the Monday-to-Fr…
Leonese in Santiago de Compostela

Bierzo de Enxebre

The cuisine at this busy spot is that of El Bierzo, a rural area of northwest Castilla y León, meaning excellent grilled and cured meats, but also cheeses, pies and vegetables. There are two small, stone-walled, woo…
Contemporary Galician in Santiago de Compostela

Café de Altamira

Very close to the bustling Mercado de Abastos, this stylish place serves a short but very good menu of seasonal Galician dishes with a contemporary twist.
Spanish in Santiago de Compostela


Buy your own seafood or meat (but not fish or octopus) in the market and bring it to this unique eatery, just inside the market's main Rúa das Ameas entrance, and they'll cook it for you for €4 per person. It's fun …