Dangers & Annoyances

Police Stations

Policía Municipal In the back of the Pazo de Raxoi.

Policía Nacional


Post Office Has a useful Consigna (Left Luggage) section, charging €2 per day for backpacks or suitcases, €3 for bicycles and €1 for walking poles, which is open extra weekend hours (till 8.30pm Saturday and from 8.30am to 7.30pm Sunday) from Easter to October.

Tourist Information

Cathedral Visitor Reception Centre You can buy tickets for Museo da Catedral and cathedral rooftop tours here, and this is also the starting point for the rooftop tours. As of late 2017, owing to restoration work on the cathedral's Obradoiro facade, the reception centre was located in the Pazo de Xelmírez on the cathedral's north side. When the facade works finish (expected in early 2018) the reception centre may move back to its previous location in the crypt beneath the steps of the Obradoiro facade.

Centro Internacional de Acogida al Peregrino People who have covered at least the last 100km of a Camino de Santiago on foot or horseback, or the last 200km by bicycle, for religious or spiritual reasons or with an 'attitude of search', can obtain their 'Compostella' certificate to prove it here. The website has a good deal of useful info for pilgrims.

Oficina de Turismo de Galicia The scoop on all things Galicia.

Centro de Información al Peregrino Information office for Camino de Santiago travellers run by the Galician regional government.

Turismo de Santiago The very efficient city tourist office. Its website is a multilingual mine of information.