Many of Santa Cruz’s best restaurants are located along Avenida Marítima, as well as on Calle Anselmo Pérez de Brito in the historic centre.

The Sweet Taste of La Palma

La Palma’s main dishes, like those on other islands, are simple. What the island is really known for is indulgent desserts. Honey is an important food here, and historically La Palma was an important sugar producer. Most of the sugar cane is gone, but the islanders’ sweet tooth remains; head to the mercado municipal in Santa Cruz to taste sugar cane juice, which you can have combined with rum, lemon and mint if you're feeling racy. The honey-and-almond desserts rapaduras are justifiably popular; also tasty are almendrados (almond, sugar and egg cakes baked with cinnamon), bienmesabe (a paste of almonds and sugar) and Príncipe Alberto (mousse of chocolate and almonds).

Local cheeses, most made with unpasteurised goat’s milk and many smoked, are worth trying. Glean more information online at For an excellent selection of locally produced cheese, as well as wines and deli items, check out Vinateria Albillo in Santa Cruz.