Mallorca in detail


Mallorcans are generally easygoing, and used to the different mores of foreigners, but will respond well to those who make an effort.

  • Greetings Shake hands on first meeting and say 'bon dia' (good day) or 'bona tarda' (good evening). In more casual situations, greet with two kisses – offer your right cheek first.
  • Socialising Mallorcans, like all Spanish, are a chatty, sociable lot. Don't be shy – try to join in their rapid-fire conversations, and be prepared for people to stand quite close to you when speaking.
  • Eating & Drinking If you are invited to a Mallorcan home, take a small gift of wine, flowers or chocolate. Wait for your host to say bon profit! (enjoy your meal) before getting stuck in. Dunking bread in soup is a no-no, but otherwise meals here are fairly relaxed affairs. Join in a toast by raising your glass and saying salut!