San Sebastián is fairly bike-friendly, with bike lanes skirting the waterfront and along key junctions in town. Although the city has a bike-sharing program, these are only available to residents. Hire outfits like Sanse Bikes can get you outfitted with a reliable two-wheeler.


DBus ( is the city's public bus network. The standard fare is €1.70 (€2.10 at night), payable to the bus driver.

Buses run roughly from 7.30am to 10.30pm. After that, more limited night bus services continue until about 4am.

One of the most useful routes is bus 16, which connects the city centre with Monte Igueldo.

Car & Motorcycle

Unless you're planning a lot of out-of-town trips, it's not worth hiring a car. Parking gets expensive, and dealing with traffic, one-way streets and aggressive drivers can be a real headache.


Taxis are pricey; count on upwards of €8 for a short trip. You can't flag them down on the street. Instead head to one of nearly two dozen taxi ranks scattered around town. The closes to the old town is on Alameda del Boulevard.