With 18 Michelin stars, San Sebastián stands atop a pedestal as one of the culinary capitals of the planet. As if that alone weren’t enough, the city is overflowing with bars – almost all of which have bar tops weighed down under a mountain of pintxos that almost every Spaniard will tell you are the best in country.

Food is Life

For the average Basque, life revolves around food. Eating a sandwich at your desk is very much frowned upon here. To get the most out of the region, we’d suggest you do as the locals do and always make plenty of time for a long, leisurely lunch and a fun evening of pintxos (peen-chos) and drinks.


Enter any bar in the region and the counter is sure to be groaning under the weight of a small mountain of tiny plates of culinary art. These are pintxos (Basque tapas), which will redefine your interpretation of the mere bar snack. As tempting as those lined upon the counter appear, the best are normally the hot ones made to order.