Film in San Sebastián

Film Festival

The world-renowned, two-week film festival has been an annual fixture in the second half of September since 1957.
City Festival in San Sebastián

Festividad de San Sebastián

This is the city’s main winter knees-up.
Carnival in San Sebastián


Carnaval (dates change) is a big event in San Sebastián, but nearby Tolosa goes even more berserk.
Summer Festival in San Sebastián

Semana Grande

Semana Grande is the big summer festival.
Rowing in San Sebastián

Regatta de Traineras

The Regatta de Traineras, a boat race in which local teams of rowers race out to sea, takes place on the first two Sundays in September.
Music in San Sebastián

Heineken Jazzaldia

Big-name acts converge for the San Sebastián jazz festival.