La Palma in detail

Travel with Children

Building sandcastles on the black-sand beaches of Puerto Naos and Los Cancajos, hunting for crabs at El Remo or splashing in the saltwater pools in the Piscinas de la Fajana and Charco Azul are givens, but what to do after the beach and the brine? Older children may enjoy striding out on suitable hikes including the Mirador de los Roques and the Mirador Lomo de las Chozas, both in the Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente. Kids will also enjoy the volcanic thrill of walking along the rim of the Volcán San Antonio and you can throw in some history by taking the 1.5km walk around the Parque Cultural La Zarza or set them exploring the model ships at the Museo Naval in La Palma. The younger crowd will also get a kick out of the animals at Maroparque.