Top Choice Cathedral in Salamanca

Catedral Vieja

The Catedral Nueva's largely Romanesque predecessor, the Catedral Vieja is adorned with an exquisite 15th-century altarpiece, one of the finest outside Italy. Its 53 panels depict scenes from the lives of Christ and…
Top Choice Convent in Salamanca

Convento de San Esteban

Just down the hill from the cathedral, the lordly Dominican Convento de San Esteban's church has an extraordinary altar-like facade, with the stoning of San Esteban (St Stephen) as its central motif. Inside is a wel…
Top Choice Museum in Salamanca

Museo de Art Nouveau y Art Decó

Utterly unlike any other Salamanca museum, this stunning collection of sculpture, paintings and art deco and art nouveau pieces inhabits a beautiful, light-filled Modernista (Catalan art nouveau) house. There's abun…
Top Choice Square in Salamanca

Plaza Mayor

Built between 1729 and 1755, Salamanca's exceptional grand square is widely considered to be Spain's most beautiful central plaza. The square is particularly memorable at night when illuminated (until midnight) to m…
Top Choice Historic Building in Salamanca

Universidad Civil

Founded initially as the Estudio General in 1218, the university reached the peak of its renown in the 15th and 16th centuries. The visual feast of the entrance facade is a tapestry in sandstone, bursting with image…
Top Choice Cathedral in Salamanca

Catedral Nueva

The tower of this late-Gothic cathedral lords over the city centre, its compelling churrigueresque (an ornate style of baroque architecture) dome visible from almost every angle. The interior is similarly impressive…
Historic Building in Salamanca

Casa de las Conchas

One of the city's most endearing buildings, Casa de las Conchas is named after the 300 scallop shells clinging to its facade. The house's original owner, Dr Rodrigo Maldonado de Talavera, was a doctor at the court o…
Convent in Salamanca

Convento de las Dueñas

This Dominican convent is home to the city's most beautiful cloister, with some decidedly ghoulish carvings on the capitals.
Museum in Salamanca

Convento de Santa Clara

This much-modified convent started life as a Romanesque structure and now houses a small museum. You can admire the beautiful frescos and climb up some stairs to inspect the 14th- and 15th-century wooden Mudéjar cei…
Church in Salamanca

Iglesia de San Martín

Romanesque Iglesia de San Martín is wedged among houses, but is a pretty encore to the adjacent Plaza Mayor. The south portal in particular is worth studying for its depiction of St Martin giving his cloak to a paup…