Rodalquilar attractions

Viewpoint in Rodalquilar

Mirador de la Amatista

On the main road between La Isleta del Moro and Rodalquilar, this high viewpoint commands breathtaking views of the vertiginous, unspoilt coastline. From here the road snakes down into the basin of the Rodalquilar v…
Ruins in Rodalquilar

Gold Mines

Set amid the Martian red-rock terrain at the top of the village, the skeletal remains of Rodalquilar's gold mines are an eerie sight. The complex, which was fully operational as recently as the mid-20th century, lie…
Gardens in Rodalquilar

Jardín Botánico El Albardinal

Rodalquilar's extensive botanical gardens showcase the vegetation of Andalucía's arid southeast. It's well planned, with every plant, tree and shrub identified. There's also a charming huerta (vegetable garden), com…
Beach in Rodalquilar

Playa del Playazo

A 400m-long strip of sand, the Playa del Playazo is sandwiched between two promontories, one of which is topped by a small 18th-century fort (now a private home). The beach, some 3.5km east of Rodalquilar, is access…
Historic Building in Rodalquilar

El Cortijo del Fraile

This abandoned farmstead on a windswept plain 6km northwest of Rodalquilar was the scene of the tragic, true-life love-and-revenge story that inspired Federico García Lorca’s best-known play, Blood Wedding. In 1928,…
Museum in Rodalquilar

La Casa de los Volcanes

At the far end of the village, this museum has displays on the local mines and the geology of Cabo de Gata and Andalucía, with information in English and Spanish.