Rías Baixas attractions

Top Choice Area in Ría de Vigo

Cabo de Home

From the hamlet of Donón, 4km west of Hío, the windswept, rocky cape Cabo de Home stretches 2.5km south. The cape is strung with walking trails and a few driveable tracks, and has three lighthouses, a couple of beac…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Porto do Son & Around

Castro de Baroña

Galicia's most spectacularly sited prehistoric settlement is poised majestically on a wind-blasted headland overlooking the Atlantic waves, 4km southwest of Porto do Son. Park near Cafe-Bar Castro and take the rocky…
Top Choice Historic Building in Cambados

Gil Armada

Gil Armada is a small family-run winery housed in the handsome 17th-century Pazo de Fefiñáns. A variety of absorbing guided tours are offered: the basic one-hour version covers the main rooms of the historic house (…
Top Choice Museum in Pontevedra

Edificio Sarmiento

The Edificio Sarmiento, pride of the Museo de Pontevedra, occupies a renovated 18th-century college. Its absorbing collection ranges over Galician Sargadelos ceramics, modern art (including one work each by Picasso,…
Top Choice Beach in O Grove

Praia A Lanzada

Dune-backed Praia A Lanzada sweeps a spectacular 2.3km along the west side of the low-lying isthmus leading to O Grove. It's Galicia's most splendid stretch of sand, and enticingly natural, but not exactly deserted,…
Top Choice Beach in Illas Cíes

Praia das Rodas

This beautiful, 1km-long crescent of sand links the northern Illa de Monteagudo to the central Illa do Faro, with a lagoon behind it.
Museum in Pontevedra

Museo de Pontevedra

Pontevedra's eclectic museum is scattered over five city-centre buildings. At research time, two were closed for restoration, though the newest and most interesting sections were open: the recently built Sexto Edifi…
Park in Vigo

Parque do Castro

Head directly south (and uphill) from the Old Town for a wander in this verdant park with nearly 100 camellia trees. It's a magnificent place to be when the sun is dropping into the ocean behind the Illas Cíes! You …
Church in Cambados

Igrexa de Santa Mariña Dozo

This ruined 15th-century church, beside the wine museum, is now roofless but still has its four semicircular roof arches intact, and is surrounded by a well-kept cemetery with elaborate graves – all particularly pic…
National Park in Rías Baixas

Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlánticas de Galicia

The Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlánticas de Galicia is a national park comprising four small archipelagos off the Rías Baixas. The beautiful Illas Cíes off Vigo are the main visitor attraction. The park also incl…