Rías Altas drinking and nightlife

Lounge in A Coruña

Los Cantones Village

The lounge-style 'pubs' on the top floor of Los Cantones Village shopping centre have terraces overlooking the port and develop quite a party scene from around midnight, Thursday to Saturday. Here too is Galicia's b…
Club in A Coruña


MOOM has well-designed pub, disco and terrace spaces, with great bay views from the terrace, which is a fine place for a drink from late afternoon any day. On Friday and Saturday nights Moom shakes on till 5 or 6am …
Cafe in A Coruña

Tira do Playa Cafetería

For a drink with a view, you can't beat the picture-windowed Tira do Playa cafe, looking right along A Coruña's beach and across the bay to the Torre de Hércules, from its slightly elevated position at the west end …
Club in A Coruña

Playa Club

This ever-popular beachside club boasts views across the bay and a dance-inducing mix of alternative pop, funk, soul, rock, disco and electronica. Also hosts interesting live bands most weeks.