Top things to do in Ría de Muros y Noia

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Porto do Son & Around

Castro de Baroña

Galicia's most spectacularly sited prehistoric settlement is poised majestically on a wind-blasted headland overlooking the Atlantic waves, 4km southwest of Porto do Son. Park near Cafe-Bar Castro and take the rocky…
Church in Noia

Igrexa de Santa María A Nova

The 14th-century Igrexa de Santa María A Nova is a classic of Galician ‘maritime Gothic’ style. Surrounded by a pretty cemetery, it houses a collection of unique tombstones from members of medieval guilds, many of t…
Church in Muros

Igrexa de San Pedro

The Igrexa de San Pedro, built between the 13th and 16th centuries, is a fine example of 'maritime Gothic' architecture, typified by a single very wide nave. With a €2 ticket you can climb the tower and see an exhib…
Seafood in Muros

Casa Petra

Casa Petra, on the seafront street, is a good, bright and informal spot to fill up on local octopus, prepared half-a-dozen ways, and other seafood raciones – or salads or ham-and-cheese quesadillas if you fancy some…
Church in Noia

Igrexa de San Martiño

The Gothic Igrexa de San Martiño dominates the Old Town’s Praza do Tapal, with wonderful sculptures of the apostles, Christ and archangels on its western facade.
Galician in Noia

Restaurante Ferrador

For a proper meal head to the neat, stone-walled dining room of Restaurante Ferrador, which specialises in well-prepared, fresh local seafood.
Spanish in Porto do Son & Around

Restaurante Portonadelas

The neatly set little dining area at Restaurante Portonadelas, facing the harbour, is one of the best in town for seafood and rice dishes.
Market in Muros


On Monday to Friday afternoons you can watch the day's fish catch being auctioned at the Lonja.
Galician in Noia

Tasca Típica

Just north of the Igrexa de San Martiño, Tasca Típica is a dark, stone-walled tavern in the stables of the 14th-century Pazo Dacosta. It’s good for a drink or snacks and serves typical Galician fare from shellfish t…