Café Royalty

Cafe in Cádiz

Originally opened in 1912 on the centenary of the 1812 constitution, the Royalty was once a discussion corner for the intellectuals of the day, including beloved gaditano composer Manuel de Falla. The cafe closed in the 1930s, but thanks to an inspired renovation project overseen by a local gaditano it reopened in 2012, 100 years after its initial inauguration.

The frescoed, mirrored, intricately carved interior is – no exaggeration – breathtaking. It's fantastic for brunch, tapas, cocktails, home-baked cakes and elegant updated-Andalucian meals of almadraba red-tuna sashimi, fresh-grilled fish, Sanlúcar king prawns or a two-person chuletón (big beef chop).