Top things to do in Puigcerdà

Catalan in Puigcerdà


Pair crisp Catalan wines with equally invigorating views at this friendly restaurant. Terrace diners can enjoy panoramas of Puigcerdà's slate rooftops and green meadows stretching to the Pyrenees while feasting on l…
Tapas in Puigcerdà

La Caixeta

All wood-block walls, mismatched furniture and arty decor, this buzzy cafe-bistro-bar criss-crosses the Spanish–French border with its beautifully presented creative tapas, from camembert, homemade guacamole and qui…
Catalan in Puigcerdà

El Caliu

Dishes at this well-respected town-centre restaurant star local ingredients; try the delectable duck confit, rich onion soup, Catalan-style coca d'escalivada (pizza-like pastry topped with smoky grilled veg) with go…
Catalan in Puigcerdà

L'Esperit de Vi

A warm, welcoming and compact corner spot just off Plaça Santa Maria, that does a great range of smallish plates of typical Cerdanya fare, all cooked to order in the tiny kitchen right in front of you. No phone, no …
Lake in Puigcerdà

Estany de Puigcerdà

The lake at the north end of town was created during the 13th century for irrigation purposes. It's a pretty spot for a stroll: birds bob across its surface in summer, while winter amplifies the majesty of the snow-…
Tower in Puigcerdà

Església de Santa Maria

Though only the tower of the 17th-century Església de Santa Maria still stands, this stocky Romanesque structure dominates bustling Plaça Santa Maria. Steps within allow you to climb the tower.
Church in Puigcerdà

Església de Sant Domènec

This 13th-century Gothic church was wrecked multiple times over the course of its history, including a 15th-century earthquake and immense damage during the civil war. Behind a 14th-century facade, it contains 14th-…
Museum in Puigcerdà

Museu Cerdà

Within a much-modernised 19th-century Carmelite monastery are two floors of exhibitions with flavours of Cerdanya's agrarian past. The permanent collection (Catalan only) includes crafts, clothing, traditional housi…