Top things to do in Puerto del Rosario

Top Choice Spanish in Puerto del Rosario

Casa Toño

Book ahead to get a table at this popular restaurant that brings a little cutting-edge cuisine to Puerto del Rosario's dining scene. The speciality is lightly seared red tuna; also expect plenty of tapas utilising f…
Museum in Puerto del Rosario

Casa Museo Unamuno

This small museum honours the philosopher Miguel de Unamuno, who stayed here in 1924 after being exiled from Spain. His crime was criticising the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, both verbally and in writing. He lat…
Spanish in Puerto del Rosario

El Cangrejo Colorao

There’s a pleasing old-fashioned elegance about this seafront restaurant with its bow-tied, white-tablecloth ambience. The menu mainstays includes meaty stews, though locals recommend the seafood platters and fresh …
Arts Centre in Puerto del Rosario

Centro de Arte Juan Ismael

Named for a Fuerteventura-born artist, there are rotating exhibitions on display here. None of Ismael's paintings are on show, though you can buy souvenirs and replicas of his surrealist works.
Religious in Puerto del Rosario

Fiesta de la Virgen del Rosario

Puerto del Rosario dons its party threads to honour the Virgen del Rosario, the capital’s patron. Processions accompany the image of the Virgin as she is paraded around town.
Club in Puerto del Rosario


This bar has a medieval theme and a bank of music-video screens mixed in with local DJs. You can catch live music performances here too, although the quality can be patchy.
Spanish in Puerto del Rosario

Mar y Monte

One of a number of terrace restaurants overlooking Playa Chica at the southern end of the city. The varied menu includes a good selection of tapas and plenty of seafood.
Bar in Puerto del Rosario

Pub La Tierra

Tucked away in a narrow cobbled lane, La Tierra is a fine place for drinks at the outdoor tables. Rock, jazz and blues tend to dominate the playlist.
Market in Puerto del Rosario

Mercado Municipal

The local mercado is tiny, but a good place to sample (and buy) some of the island's famed goat's cheese.