Puerto del Carmen drinking and nightlife

Craft Beer in Puerto del Carmen

Los Aljibes

Savour the artisan triumphs of the island's first microbrewery over a speciality Märzen or APA (€3 to €4) and a homemade burger (mains €8 to €12), on a lively terrace at the east end the seafront promenade.
Cocktail Bar in Puerto del Carmen

La Delicatezza

Amid bold pink-and-white decor or on a small sea-view terrace, La Delicatezza throws homemade ingredients into original, artfully presented cocktails (€8) served in mugs, jam jars or with saucepans as trays.
Bar in Puerto del Carmen

Cervecería San Miguel

A busy spot near the harbour for a plate of steamed mussels washed down with cold beer on tap, including Guinness, Paulaner and John Smith’s Bitter.