Best restaurants in Port de Sóller

  • Restaurants in Port de Sóller

    Es Passeig

    Grab one of the sea-facing terrace tables or aim for one by the window at this artfully understated, yet triumphant restaurant. The bright, creative dishes are richly inflected by the seasons and presented with a razor-sharp eye for detail – no coincidence given chef Marcel Battenberg's Michelin-star credentials. Families are welcome – there's a good kids' menu.

  • Restaurants in Port de Sóller


    Sit out beneath one of the vast white parasols and enjoy the breeze as it lifts from the port waters. Kingfisher has it all: friendly and warm service, a fine setting, soothing jazzy music and fine homely fare. The fish and chips is all chunky, juicy cod, a smear of the smoothest of smooth mushy peas, gorgeous potatoes and gherkins, served on a slate plate.

  • Restaurants in Port de Sóller


    You almost feel like you're turning up to a Great Gatsby –style party in this pseudo-waterfront mansion, but few make it that far, preferring to linger over cocktails on the candlelit terrace to the backbeat of mellow music. The menu trots the globe from sushi, pasta to yes, even, kangaroo. Desserts are a delicious contemporary take on the classics.