Religious in Pollença


At this haunting re-enactment of the Passion Play, the body of Christ is solemnly paraded down the 365 steps of Calvari during Davallament ('Lowering') by torchlight. It is one of the island's most moving and evocat…
Cultural in Pollença

Festes de la Patrona

Dress up as a swashbuckling pirate or all in white and throw yourself into the crowd to celebrate the big and boisterous Festes de la Patrona, with mock battles between the Moros i Cristians (Moors and Christians) t…
Cultural in Pollença

Festival de Pollença

Orchestras, exhibitions and film screenings come to the atmospheric Sant Domingo cloister for this summer arts festival, running since 1962.
Food & Drink in Pollença

La Fira

A massive market held in the Convent de Sant Domingo and elsewhere around town.