Península de Jandía attractions

Beach in Playa de Sotavento de Jandía

Playa de la Barca

The beach that most people visualise when they think of Sotavento is Playa de la Barca, signposted from the FV-2, 2.5km south of Costa Calma. This is the wind- and kitesurfers' beach par excellence, with superb faci…
Beach in Morro Jable

Playa del Matorral

Playa del Matorral is the main beach here and it’s magnificent, stretching eastwards for over 4km from Morro Jable. A family-friendly beach, it’s great for indulging in a variety of watersports, churning a pedalo or…
Beach in Cofete

Playa de Cofete

This is the main beach in far-flung Cofete, near the southern tip of the island. It's quite beautiful and completely undeveloped, but think twice about swimming here: the waves and currents are more formidable than …
Lighthouse in Around Morro Jable

Punta de Jandía Lighthouse

There's a small information centre within the lighthouse with information on the flora, fauna and geology of the Parque Natural de Jandía.
Wildlife Reserve in Morro Jable

Turtle Nursery

A small sanctuary where turtles are reared ready for release into the wild.