Driving Tour: Sierra Norte de Sevilla

  • Start Lora del Río
  • End La Capitana
  • Length 105km; two days

Head up to the Parque Natural Sierra Norte de Sevilla for a taste of life in the slow lane and some wonderfully scenic driving. From Seville, follow the A4 and the A457 to Lora del Río, then pick up the A455 for the climb up to Constantina, the park’s largest town. Stop off to explore its attractive old town and landmark castle before continuing west on the A452 to the Centro de Visitantes El Robledo, where you can pick up walking maps and wander the botanical garden. Push on along the A452 as it winds through the hilly countryside, mists clinging to the mountains as they recede into the distance. Shortly after crossing the Río Huéznar, where you can see part of an old aqueduct, turn right onto the A432 and drive 12km north to Cazalla de la Sierra. Lunch on inventive tapas at Agustina, then spend the afternoon investigating the town’s charming streets and nearby walking trails. Overnight at Las Navezuelas, 3km to the south.

Next morning, pick up the A455 back towards Constantina. This road crosses the Río Huéznar just east of the Cazalla-Constantina train station. A bumpy 1km track leads downstream from here to the Puente del Castillejo railway bridge. Next, follow the SE7101 as it parallels the river for 13km on the way to San Nicolás del Puerto. Just before getting to the village, take a moment for a quick detour to the powerful Cascadas del Huéznar (waterfalls). From riverside San Nicolás del Puerto, take the SE8100 northwest, ploughing on through the increasingly dramatic landscape to Alanís, topped by a medieval castle. Keep going on the A433, along the edge of the park, to remote, windswept Guadalcanal. North of town, leave your car and hit the hiking trail: the 5km (two-hour) Sendero Sierra del Viento follows a ridge to La Capitana, the park's highest peak (959m) and the perfect point to wrap up your tour.