About 4km in from the road, at the foot of the steep climb and switchback road stands the Ermita de San Bartolomé. This fine, early 13th-century hermitage has a wonderfully lonely aspect and showcases a fusion of styles between late Romanesque and early Gothic, although only some of these are visible from the outside; the interior is rarely open, but it's the church in its setting that really makes visiting worthwhile. It's about 4km in from the road; take the signposted turn-off at the foot of the switchback road, drive to the car park then walk the final 1km. You can walk deeper into the park, but free camping is forbidden.

If you’re driving through the park between El Burgo de Osma and San Leonardo de Yagüe, don’t miss the wonderful views from the Mirador de La Galiana, which is signposted off the SO920. Otherwise, from the switchback road that climbs up the canyon, you'll have some fine views back ­towards Ucero.