Fit walkers can climb the Circo de Soaso above the Cola de Caballo by a series of steep switchbacks to reach the Refugio de Góriz in 1½ to two hours. The refuge is the usual starting point for ascents of many high peaks including Monte Perdido, and is one of the great crossroads of the Pyrenees.

Be warned, Monte Perdido is a serious undertaking: most of the year the route from the refuge is completely or partly covered in snow and requires mountaineering skills, crampons and ice axes. Even when snow-free (roughly mid-July to some time in September in a typical year), it's still a very demanding hike requiring fitness and mountain-hiking experience. You ascend from 2200m to 3355m, with a long, very steep section over loose stones – from Góriz, it's approximately four hours up and three hours back down, and you should start early.