This scenic circular walk from Pradera de Ordesa, well signposted, takes you along the foot of cliffs on the north flank of the Valle de Ordesa. Begin by walking 700m from Pradera along the road towards Torla, then turn right up a path signed 'Faja Racón' by a stone building, Casa Oliván. Total time: about four hours plus stops.

From Casa Oliván, climb through woods for an hour, gaining 450m altitude, then turn right at a path junction below the Circo de Carriata, following the 'Faja Racón' sign. This winds along the foot of high cliffs for about 1½ hours to a fork of paths where you follow the right-hand ('Pradera') option to reach the Refugio de Cotatuero shelter hut after 15 minutes. Detour a minute to a bridge beneath the Cascada de Cotatuero waterfall, then head downhill from the shelter hut reach Pradera de Ordesa in an hour.