Parque Nacional de Garajonay in detail

Flights & getting there

Unlike many other protected parks, Garajonay is extremely accessible. In fact, you won’t be able to avoid it if you move about the island, as it sits at La Gomera’s major crossroads. Zipping around with your own wheels is the most efficient way to explore the park, though of course it's best appreciated on foot.

Car & Motorcycle

The GM2 cuts east–west through the park until it meets the GM1 at the park’s western extremity. A minor sealed road connects the Juego de Bolas visitor centre in the north of the island to La Laguna Grande, between the park’s eastern and western boundaries.


Bus 1 between San Sebastián (€2, 30 minutes, two to five daily) and Valle Gran Rey (€4, 1¼ hours, two to five daily) via El Cercado and Las Hayas stops at the Pajarito junction in the heart of the national park, 4km southeast of La Laguna Grande visitor centre.