This excellent trail starts at the Albergue A Fábrica da Luz, 11km east of Parada de Sil. You can shorten the full 16km circuit to an enjoyable 5km loop (about 2½ hours) by descending the pretty Mao canyon (initially on a boardwalk) to Barxacova village, then climbing 1.5km past vineyards to San Lourenzo village, then descending back to A Fábrica.

At San Lourenzo take a 500m (each way) detour to the interesting medieval necropolis of San Vítor.

The full, relatively demanding 16km circuit, with a total altitude gain of over 600m, continues south from San Lourenzo to the upland villages of A Miranda and Forcas and the medieval bridge at Conceliños before heading back north down the Mao canyon/valley to San Lourenzo and A Fábrica da Luz.