Top ChoiceShoes in Palma de Mallorca

Magatzem de Santa Catalina

Master shoemaker, Domingo Moya makes the most wonderful espadrilles, that Mallorcan summer sandal classic, with several styles to choose from. Prices start at around €26.

Food & Drinks in Palma de Mallorca

El Paladar

'The Palate' is a wonderland for jamón lovers. The flavour of air-cured pig scents the air, mingling with the cheese, sobrassada and other delights on display. There's plenty of other Mallorcan produce, including...

Food in Palma de Mallorca

Colmado Santo Domingo

It's almost impossible to manoeuvre in this narrow little shop, so crowded are its shelves with local Mallorcan food products – cheeses, honey, olives, olive oil, pâté, fig bread, balsamic vinegar and Sóller...

Arts & Crafts in Palma de Mallorca


This small shop is dedicated to promoting the craftsmanship and gastronomy of Mallorca. Here you'll find wines, olive oils, salts and liquors, as well as ceramics and other handicrafts from small family artisan...

Glass in Palma de Mallorca

Vidrierias Gordiola

The Gordiola family can call on nearly 300 years of glassmaking skill, everywhere evident in the fantastically shaped and coloured vases, lamps, stemware and other vitreous works of art on display in this shop.

Books in Palma de Mallorca

Fine Books

This extraordinary collection of secondhand books, including some really valuable treasures, rambles over three floors. It's the place for secondhand, English-language books in Palma: if you can't find what...

Department Store in Palma de Mallorca

El Corte Inglés

This flagship branch of Palma's biggest department store sells clothes, cosmetics, homewares and accessories, and tickets to local shows and events. There's also a smaller store in Palma.

Shoes in Palma de Mallorca


A classic of traditional Mallorcan shoemaking, Carmina makes a virtue of dark tones, brogues and loafers that will set you back €340 to €500. If you want Cordoban leather, expect to pay €600 and more.

Arts & Crafts in Palma de Mallorca

Mimbreria Vidal

This sprawling shop showcases wickerwork, much of it made in Mallorca as well as in mainland Spain. There are mats, baskets, hats and smaller decorative items which may just fit in your hand luggage.

Market in Palma de Mallorca

Flea Market

The sprawling Rastro (Flea Market) is something of a Palma insitution. Alongside second-hand stalls with the usual mix of trash and treasure, you'll find food, leatherwork and more.

Clothing in Palma de Mallorca

Rosario P

Local designer Rosario Pérez, a trained artist, sells her delicate hand-painted silk clothes, scarves and other accessories from this little boutique.

Arts & Crafts in Palma de Mallorca

Craft Market

This attractive street-long market sells some original art and crafts from stalls set between the palm trees and is open late for post-dining browsing.

Market in Palma de Mallorca

Mercat de Pere Garau

Serving the working class northeast of Palma, the Pere Garau is bursting with fresh fruit, vegetables, smallgoods, seafood, pastries and more.

Shoes in Palma de Mallorca


Best known of Mallorca’s famed shoe brands, funky, eco-chic Camper is now incredibly popular worldwide.

Homewares in Palma de Mallorca

B Connected Concept Store

Part of a local cluster of B Connected stores focusing on various facets of stylish living, this designer 'concept' store is very much at home in Santa Catalina. Dedicated to homewares and interior design, it...

Chocolate in Palma de Mallorca

Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Factory does precisely what it says on the tin. Besides irresistible pralines, macaroons and slabs of amazingly intense 100% cocoa chocolate, it also does a fine line in chocolate-filled ensaïmadas,...

Books in Palma de Mallorca

Trading Place

One of the largest dealers in secondhand books (mostly English, but some Spanish and German), it also sells furniture and serves as something of a meeting and information point for Palma's expat community.

Books in Palma de Mallorca


The selection of German- and English-language books here is small but very carefully chosen, with especially good sections on languages and books about Mallorca.

Department Store in Palma de Mallorca

El Corte Inglés

This branch of the huge Spanish department store franchise is good for getting many things under one roof.