Mallorca's blue payphones are easy to use for international and domestic calls. They accept coins, tarjetas telefónicas (phonecards issued by the national phone company Telefónica) and, in some cases, credit cards. Calling using an internet-based service such as Skype is generally the cheapest option.

Mobile Phones

Local SIM cards are widely available and can be used in European and Australian mobile phones. Other phones may need to be set to roaming.

More Information

Spain uses GSM 900/1800, which is compatible with the rest of Europe and Australia but not with the North American GSM 1900 or the totally different system used in Japan. If your phone is tri- or quad-band, you will probably be fine. Shops on every high street sell teléfonos móviles with prepaid cards, from around €80 for the most basic models.


Cut-rate phonecards from private companies can be good value for international calls. They can be bought from estancos, news-stands and locutorios (call centres), especially in Palma and coastal resorts – compare rates if possible.

Telephone Numbers

  • All telephone numbers in Mallorca (including mobile numbers) have nine digits.
  • Almost all fixed-line telephone numbers in Mallorca begin with 971, although a small number begin with 871.
  • Numbers starting with a ‘6’ are for mobile phones.
  • Numbers starting with 900 are national toll-free numbers, while those starting 901 to 905 come with varying costs. A common one is 902, which is a national standard rate number, but can only be dialled from within Spain. In a similar category are numbers starting with 800, 803, 806 and 807.
  • It is possible to dial an operator in your country of residence at no cost to make a reverse-charge call (una llamada a cobro revertido) – pick up the number before you leave home. You can usually get an English-speaking Spanish international operator on 1008 (for calls within Europe) or 1005 (rest of the world).