Palma's dining scene, starting from the already-strong base you'd expect in a major Spanish city, just keeps improving. As well as bold experiments with traditional Mallorcan dishes by innovative young chefs, you'll find excellent tapas and traditional Spanish food and, increasingly, very good renditions of many different world cuisines.

The Best Ensaïmades

Most Mallorcans and just about every Spanish visitor to the island has one culinary favourite above all others – the humble ensaïmada, a delicate, feather-light croissant-like pastry dusted with icing sugar, and sometimes filled with cream. Getting them to agree on where to buy the best is surprisingly simple. Having extensively researched the most highly regarded bakers, we've concluded these are the best you’ll find in Palma, and possibly the entire island:

To Market

Nosing around the colourful stalls of Palma’s produce markets is a great way to take the flavour of the city. There's all you need to assemble your own picnic, from cheeses and cold meats to fruit and veg. The largest and best is the central Mercat de l’Olivar, where you'll find everything from plump olives to never-heard-of legumes, melons as big as footballs, strings of sobrassada (paprika-flavoured cured pork sausage), hunks of Serrano ham and enough fish to fill a small ocean. Make a morning of it and linger for lunch at the deli stalls for tapas or oyster shucking. Equally busy but with fewer tourists are the Mercat de Santa Catalina and Mercat de Pere Garau.