Top things to do in Ourense

Galician in Ourense

Casa do Pulpo

Facing the cathedral wall across a narrow street, this local favourite doesn't just do perfect pulpo (octopus) but also other tasty Galician items such as zamburiñas (small scallops), xoubas (pilchards) and raxo (sp…
Spanish in Ourense

Sybaris 2.0

Sybaris is not just a restaurant with a contemporary twist on Spanish fare, but also a well-stocked wine shop and Galicia-specialist deli (cheeses and hams, of course, but also lampreys in oil, crab pâté and sea-urc…
Cathedral in Ourense

Catedral de San Martiño

The artistic highlight of Ourense's Romanesque-Gothic cathedral, built mainly in the 12th and 13th centuries, is the gilded Santo Cristo chapel, inside the northern entrance. At the west end is the Pórtico do Paraís…
Galician in Ourense

A Taberna

Reminiscent of a countryside inn with its wood beams and shelves of decorative crockery, A Taberna serves up first-class traditional Galician seafood and meat dishes with a few tasty twists, such as its venison tour…
Spanish in Ourense

Mesón Porta da Aira

This narrow bar has people flocking in for its famed and generous platters of huevos rotos: broken fried eggs over a bed of thinly sliced potatoes, to which you can add various sausages and meats. There are plenty o…
Convent in Ourense

Claustro de San Francisco

The capitals of the 63 arches of the lovely 14th-century Claustro de San Francisco are carved with a fascinating collection of people, animals, imaginary creatures and Galician plants – well worth a visit, and the a…
Hot Springs in Ourense

As Burgas

As Burgas springs, a short walk southwest of Praza Maior, gush out 67°C waters with reputed therapeutic properties and have been used since Roman times. People still fill containers with steaming water from the spou…
Jazz in Ourense

Café Latino

Classy Café Latino has a fabulous corner stage that hosts jazz gigs most Thursdays, starting around 10pm or 11pm, and a jazz festival in May. It's been serving up jazz for three decades and is a good breakfast spot …
Pub in Ourense

Café Druida

Descend into cavern-like Café Druida, thronged on weekend nights, to sample its celebrated licor de café (coffee licqueur).
Live Music in Ourense


This Irish-pub-like bar stages occasional live gigs as well as popular Wednesday DJ nights starting at 11pm with free admission.