Osuna restaurants

Tapas in Osuna

Casa Curro

For an authentic dining experience join locals at this vivacious bar-restaurant, one of Osuna's most popular. It looks the part with its long polished bar, cluttered walls and blackboard menus, and the tapas (and ra…
Andalucian in Osuna

Restaurante Doña Guadalupe

Discreetly tucked away in a white porticoed courtyard between Calles Quijada and Gordillo, this starched, formal restaurant serves up quality Andalucian cooking accompanied by premium Spanish wines.
Pastries in Osuna

Confitería Santo Domingo

A historic address on Osuna's main throughfare, this centuries-old pastelería – it opened its doors in 1750 – is where locals come for their Sunday treats. Speciality of the house is its aldeanas: Twinkie-like pastr…