Church in Olvera

Santuario de los Remedios

Three kilometres southeast of Olvera's historic core, en route to Torre Alháquime, this 17th-century sanctuary honours the town's patron saint. Its superposed cloisters have a tropical feel, draped in plants and wit…
Castle in Olvera

Castillo Árabe

Perched on a crag high atop town is Olvera's late-12th-century Arabic castle, which later formed part of Nasrid-era Granada's defensive systems. Clamber up to the tower, with ever-more-exquisite town and country vie…
Museum in Olvera

La Cilla

The old grain store of the Duques de Osuna, next to the castle, houses the tourist office, the fascinating Museo de la Frontera y los Castillos (devoted to Olvera's turbulent history and the Reconquista), and an exp…
Church in Olvera

Iglesia Parroquial Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación

Built over a Gothic-Mudéjar predecessor, Olvera's neoclassical top-of-the-town church was commissioned by the Duques de Osuna and completed in the 1840s.