Top things to do in Northwest Castilla y León

Top Choice Cathedral in León


León's 13th-century cathedral, with its soaring towers, flying buttresses and breathtaking interior, is the city's spiritual heart. Whether spotlit by night or bathed in glorious northern sunshine, the cathedral, ar…
Top Choice Historic Site in West of León

Las Médulas Gold Mines

The ancient Roman goldmines at Las Médulas, about 20km southwest of Ponferrada, once served as the main source of gold for the entire Roman Empire – the final tally came to a remarkable 3 million kilograms. It's stu…
Top Choice Historic Building in León

Panteón Real

Attached to the Real Basílica de San Isidoro, the stunning Panteón Real houses royal sarcophagi, which rest with quiet dignity beneath a canopy of some of the finest Romanesque frescos in Spain. Colourful motifs of …
Top Choice Gallery in León

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

León's showpiece Museo de Arte Contemporáneo has been acclaimed for the 37 shades of coloured glass that adorn the facade; they were gleaned from the pixelisation of a fragment of one of the stained-glass windows in…
Top Choice Castilian in Astorga

Restaurante Las Termas

This lunchtime restaurant is run by Santiago (a popular name in these parts), who, apart from being a charming host, oversees a menu renowned for the quality of its cocido maragato (€22) and ensalada maragata (salad…
Top Choice Modern Spanish in León

Restaurante Cocinandos

The proud owner of León's only Michelin star, Cocinandos brings creative flair to the table with a menu that changes weekly with the seasons and market availability. The atmosphere is slightly formal so dress nicely…
Top Choice Wine Bar in León

Camarote Madrid

With legs of ham displayed like some meaty Broadway chorus line, this popular bar is famed for its tapas – the little ceramic cup of salmorejo (a cold, tomato-based soup) is rightly famous. But the extensive wine li…
Top Choice Religious in León

Semana Santa

León is an excellent place to see solemn Holy Week processions of hooded penitents, with the city's monuments as a stirring backdrop.
Top Choice Church in León

Real Basílica de San Isidoro

Even older than León's cathedral, the Real Basílica de San Isidoro provides a stunning Romanesque counterpoint to the former's Gothic strains. Fernando I and Doña Sancha founded the church in 1063 to house the remai…
Museum in Astorga

Museo del Chocolate

Proof that Astorga does not exist solely for the virtuous souls of the Camino comes in the form of this quirky private museum. Chocolate ruled Astorga's local economy in the 18th and 19th centuries; this eclectic co…