Food in Astorga

Confitería Mantecadas Velasco

The word among locals-in-the-know is that Confitería Mantecadas Velasco serves some of the best mantecadas and other pastries in Astorga. We've tried them and who are we to argue? It's an obligatory part of the Cast…
Food & Drinks in León

La Despensa de Fer

One of the better delicatessens around town, selling much-praised cured meats (including cecina, one that's typical of the region), cheeses and, unusually, some local craft beers.
Books in León


This gorgeous shop and workshop sells leather-bound books, fountain pens and other handcrafted stationery. It also does its own book-binding.
Food in León

La Vianda de León

This is an excellent gourmet deli out in the newer part of town with everything from cheeses, wines and cured meats to local pastries.
Cheese in León

Don Queso

This marvellous little cheese shop has been around forever. The selection is outstanding and they usually let you try before you buy.
Food in Astorga

Confiteria Alonso

This place is known for its home-made chocolate and traditional local mantecadas, a cake-like sweet peculiar to Astorga.
Arts & Crafts in León

El Escribano

Some lovely etchings and reproductions of medieval art are among the many attractions of this classy shop.
Books in León


A fine little travel bookshop, with regional hiking maps.