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It is a neo-Gothic building, built with granite stone from Bierzo, with features of castle, temple and stately palace, surrounded by a moat, which serves as a protection and allows the ventilation of the basement and the natural lighting of it. It consists of four facades, flanked by four circular towers, of which three bear the arms of the promoter bishop, D. Juan Bautista Grau Vallespinós. The most voluminous tower shelters the main spiral staircase, and is topped by a weather vane with the figure of a rooster. The lateral facades have triangular pediments and are topped with separate chimneys.The main and later facades, together with the set of pointed windows, give the building the character of a Gothic temple. Access to the interior is through a portico: the huge voussoirs of their flared arches (egg arches) form, with the support of the building, a small dome of waste stones; this one maintains three terraces that give continuity to the imafronte, finished off with a pediment whose tympanum is decorated with the coat of arms of the bishop who finished the building, D. Julián de Diego y Alcolea. In addition to this main entrance, the building has an exit or access to the exterior on its NE facade from the first floor to the wall walk, communication that is made with a bridge over pointed arches. And there is also another exit or entrance to the cathedral through a small granite bridge over the moat. The cover, of Greek cross to two waters, is of slate and is bordered by a balustrade run of granite. The chimneys probably designed by Gaudí should form, together with the three angels designed by him to finish off the roof, an attractive set that we have never been able to admire. As consolation, the three angels with their episcopal attributes (Mithras, Staff and Cross) are placed in the garden.

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