Niebla attractions

Castle in Niebla

Castillo de los Guzmán

Niebla's main attraction is the majestic 15th-century Castillo de los Guzmán, probably of Roman origins but built up into a palace fortress under Moorish rule. It's set around two open patios; in the dungeon below t…
Church in Niebla

Iglesia de Santa María de Granada

On the central Plaza de Santa María, the beautiful Iglesia de Santa María de Granada was originally a Visigothic cathedral before becoming a 9th-century mosque, and then a Gothic-Mudéjar church in the 15th century.
Church in Niebla

Iglesia de San Martín

Just inside the Puerta del Socorro, the main gate into the old town, you'll find the remains of this Gothic-Mudéjar church, built on the site of a former synagogue and mosque, and now split in two by a plaza.