Top things to do in Navarran Pyrenees

Basque in Ochagavía

Asador Sideria Kixkia

There are plenty of places to eat in the area, but it's hard to beat the earthy, rural atmosphere and filling mountain food of the Asador Sideria Kixkia at the northern end of the village.
Monastery in Roncesvalles

Monastery Complex

The monastery complex contains a number of different buildings of interest, including the 13th-century Gothic-style Real Colegiata de Santa María and a cloister containing the tomb of King Sancho VII (El Fuerte) of …
Cave in Valle del Baztán

La Cueva de Zugarramurdi

According to the Inquisition, these caves (also known as Cuevas de Las Brujas, or Caves of the Witches) were once the scene of evil debauchery. True to form, inquisitors tortured and burned scores of alleged witches…
Museum in Valle del Baztán

Museo de las Brujas

Playing on the flying-broomstick theme of La Cueva de Zugarramurdi, this museum is a fascinating dip into the mysterious cauldron of witchcraft in the Pyrenees. The museum is near the centre of the village of Zugarr…
Basque in Isaba

Ezkaurre Restaurant

This humble-looking eatery serves up beautifully prepared recipes that feature market-fresh ingredients. Oven-baked trout, beef cheeks with truffled potatoes and risotto with mushroom and bacon are recent highlights…
Forest in Navarran Pyrenees

Selva de Irati

This beautiful virgin forest, popular for its beech trees and peaceful waterways and accessible via a system of well-marked trails, is one of the best-preserved forest parks in all of Europe.
Church in Roncesvalles

Real Colegiata de Santa María

The 13th-century Gothic Real Colegiata de Santa María, a good example of Navarran Gothic architecture, contains a much-revered, silver-covered statue of the Virgin beneath a modernist-looking canopy worthy of Frank …