Muxía & Around attractions

Top Choice Natural Feature in Muxía & Around

Cabo Touriñán

The picturesque rocky Cabo Touriñán, 17km southwest of Muxía and marked by one the area's many lighthouses, is great for a breezy walk. The northwest corner of the cape, Punta de Sualba, is the westernmost point of …
Church in Muxía & Around

Santuario da Virxe da Barca

This 18th-century church on the rocky seashore at the north end of town marks the spot where (legend attests) the Virgin Mary arrived in a stone boat and appeared to Santiago (St James) while he was preaching here.
Beach in Muxía & Around

Praia de Lourido

Just south of Muxía, Praia de Lourido is an unspoilt stretch of sand in a sheltered bay perfect for a sunny day. A parador (luxury state-owned hotel) is being constructed on the hillside behind it and may open by 20…