Top Choice Religious in Lorca

Semana Santa

If you're from Lorca, you’re probably passionately Blanco (White) or Azul (Blue), the colours of the two major brotherhoods that have competed since 1855 to see who can stage the most lavish Semana Santa display. Lo…
Top Choice Carnival in Águilas

Carnaval de Águilas

One of Spain's most interesting Carnavals, featuring four characters who represent various aspects of humanity, virtues and vices. There are parades from the Friday through to Shrove Tuesday, as well as the followin…
Religious in Murcia

Semana Santa

The city’s Easter processions are of the traditional kind and are considered some of Spain's best, due especially to their excellent sculptural ensembles. Several notable baroque artists worked on them, and they are…
Fiesta in Murcia

Bando de la Huerta

Two days after Easter Sunday, the mood changes from sombre to joyful as the city celebrates this annual spring festival with parades, food stalls, folklore and carafe-fulls of fiesta spirit.
Fiesta in Cartagena

Carthagineses y Romanos

For 10 days during September, locals play war games in a colourful fiesta that re-enacts the battles between rival Carthaginian and Roman occupiers during the Second Punic War.
Religious in Cartagena

Semana Santa

During Easter week, Cartagena’s haunting, elaborate processions are quite a sight.
Music in Cartagena

La Mar de Músicas

Bringing the best of world music to Cartagena, this annual festival is held in the castle’s auditorium throughout July. Part of the programming each year is devoted to several artists from a particular country.