Maó attractions

Top Choice Museum in Maó

Ca n'Oliver

Built in the early 1800s for the prominent bourgeois Oliver family (who lived here until 1920), this magnificent mansion has been exquisitely restored into an engaging multimedia museum. Its elegant interiors displa…
Museum in Maó

Museu de Menorca

This 17th-century former Franciscan monastery has been a nautical school, a library, a high school, a children’s home and, now, Menorca's main museum. Its well-documented permanent collection, covering the earliest …
Fortress in Maó

Fort de Marlborough

Britain occupied Menorca principally to gain possession of Maó’s deep natural harbour, captured by the Royal Navy in 1708, and built Fort Marlborough (5km southeast of Maó) to defend the sound. Visits start with a w…
Fortress in Maó

Fortalesa de La Mola

In the 19th century, after Maó's 16th-century Castell de Sant Felip was destroyed, Queen Isabel II ordered the construction of a new fortress. The extensive Fortalesa de La Mola was built between 1848 and 1875, spra…
Fortress in Maó

Castell de Sant Felip

On the north side of Cala de Sant Esteve, 4km southeast of Maó, the Castell de Sant Felip was originally constructed in the 16th century and, under British control, became one of Europe's largest fortresses. When Sp…
Square in Maó

Plaça d’Espanya

Just above the port, the central Plaça d’Espanya is flanked by colourful houses and the neoclassical 18th-century Església del Carme. On the square itself, explore the pungent Mercat de Peix, housed in an attractive…
Beach in Maó

Sa Mesquida

A narrow country lane leads 7km northeast of Maó to this east-facing sweep of pale sand and translucent sea. It's a favourite among locals at weekends, fairly quiet otherwise. One end is given over to nudists. TMSA …
Archaeological Site in Maó

Talatí de Dalt

At this Talayotic settlement, (signposted) 4km west of Maó, the roots of wild olive trees force apart the weathered stones of a large central talayot (tower-like stone structure). The site also contains a particular…
Church in Maó

Església de Santa Maria

This imposing church was completed in 1287 but rebuilt during the 18th century. Looming at the east end of its neo-Gothic interior is a massive organ (with four keyboards and 3210 pipes), created in Barcelona and sh…
Walls in Maó

Arc de Sant Roc

This 14th-century archway at the top (west) end of Carrer de Sant Roc is the only remaining relic of the medieval walls that once surrounded Maó's old city, though it was thoroughly restored in the 16th century.